Cancer cell and Lymphocytes

Democratizing the Availability of Off-the-Shelf Natural Killer Cells

Artiva Biotherapeutics views as its critical and necessary mission making cancer cell therapies available to all.
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Utilizing Machine Learning for Better Bioprocess Development

Novel technology could revolutionize production if biopharma industry can improve the quality of its manufacturing.
Molecule of DNA forming inside the test tube equipment.3d rendering,conceptual image.

A Paradox? Gene Therapy Manufacturers Should Learn Lessons from the Past

Gene therapy developers are advised to take a cue from how drugs were made not so long ago.
Female scientist examining DNA sample in eppendorf tube with results on digital tablet in laboratory

Orchard Therapeutics Inks Deal for GSK’s Stable Cell Line Technology

Firm is investigating hematopoietic stem cell gene therapies for Wiskott Aldrich syndrome and transfusion-dependent beta thalassemia.
Genetic Research, A human sample being pipetted into a petri dish for genetic analysis sitting on DNA sequence

Investing in 4.0 Makes Both Technological and Financial Sense

Pharma 4.0 looks to be a total strategic move as biopharmaceutical manufacturing plants become ecosystems of intensified, connected operations.
Monoclonal antibodies or immunoglobulin fighting against a group of coronavirus or covid cells 3D rendering illustration. Immunity, immune system, immunotherapy, biomedical, biology, medicine concepts. Accurate scientific render and artist vision.

Light-Based Chips Speed up Cell-Line Development for GSK

A cell processing and screening system that combines microfluidics and light helped the company shave three months off development timelines for antibody-based drugs.
Biologics Laboratory

Translational Microbiomics Offsets Ecological Disruptions

An expert explores new approaches to simulating processes more effectively since current computational techniques sometimes do not always take the final product into consideration.
Liquids And Molecular Structure on Lab Table

Deeper Process Knowledge Bodes Well for Better Biopharmaceuticals

Computer modeling can cut development time and yield bioprocesses that produce safer, better quality medicines says a leading researcher.
David Weiner, PhD

Making Biotherapeutics In Vivo Both an Opportunity and Challenge

One day, maybe soon, patients might make their own therapeutics for their own specific disease, thus realizing the potential of personalized medicine.
Rentschler Biopharma’s biomanufacturing

Rentschler Biopharma Focuses on Reducing Timelines with Process Intensification

A European contract manufacturer says it has accelerated its upstream bioprocessing by one third, thanks to a new intensification strategy.

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