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Someday, we may tell each other that in biotechnology, the three most important things are location, location, location. As this issue of GEN demonstrates, biotechnology is already looking beyond two-dimensional DNA sequences and taking in three-dimensional structural information—and learning how the relative locations of different genomic elements can influence cell function. And that’s not all. Biotechnology is developing new ways to deliver gene editing agents to specific addresses, targeting only select cells and tissues for renovation. What else? Drug developers are finding ways to nudge drug targets closer to the proteosome, where the cell’s recycling center is located. Attending to spatial relationships—location issues—is proving an attractive way to enhance biotechnology values. But of course, valuable pieces of biotechnology real estate—cell lines, culture media, and other bioprocessing elements—need to be protected. That’s where viral safety, the subject of this issue’s special supplement, comes in. Call it the bioprocessing equivalent of the neighborhood watch. It’s becoming increasingly flexible and sophisticated to keep adventitious viruses at bay and protect the integrity of biologics and vaccines.

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